Vanilla visa gift card: Just have it and Use It to Fulfill Your Desires

Summary: The Vanilla visa gift card is the perfect and convenient choice in the present as well as future days.

The acceptance of Vanilla visa gift card is similar to visa debit card. They can be used nearly at all the places where a visa debit card is acceptable. These cards are having denomination of about $25, $50, $100.These cards can be used at most of the departmental stores in U.S. in order to activate the card a person have to pay a value that resides with the card and an activation fee lying in between $4.95 and $6.95 depending upon the amount that is going to be added in the card as balance.

Gift Card Balance

Cards also have some service fee associated with them. Apart from it, on completion of seventh months from the post activation, balance gets over. In addition to this a charge of $2.50 has to be paid, until you have zero balance in your card. In case the balance of card is not used, it has been kept aside with some balance or you forgot to use it before the expiry date, the balance automatically gets zero due to the continuous service charges. So, he/she must use his card within seventh months from the date of activation in order to prevent extra charges as well as money loss.

In case a card has been lost or misplaced then there is no need to be panic in that situation. You can simply call the customer service toll free number present on the card or on the packaging of the card and ask them for reissuing the card. A fee of about $5.95  is charged for it, which is far better than losing your balance permanently .Not only for card reissuing, a person can call customer service in order to clear any of the doubts which could be regarding card validation, balance , activation and many more.

These can be purchased from the authorized sites simply by providing net banking credentials like user id and password. The recipient name and other message which a person wants to convey through these cards can also be added at the time of purchase. These cards are generally valid for one year, so they can be used whenever a person want, before completion of one year. While using a gift card you also get some cash backs depending upon what and from where you are shopping. Meanwhile, it is the major advantage of using a card.

Vanilla visa gift card are generally used to make someone’s special moments more special like birthdays, anniversaries and promotions. If you are unable to select a perfect gift then these cards prove to be the most appropriate choice. One can add messages and quotes in order to praise someone which can make them feel very special. Not only on special occasion but these can be given to teens in order to make them learn how to manage budget?  And cut extra expenses.